Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries & Devices

Copyright © 1990 Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

These examples are provided in electronic form by Commodore-Amiga, Inc. for use with the 1.3 revisions of the Addison-Wesley Amiga reference manuals.
The 1.3 Addison-Wesley Amiga Reference Manual series contains additional information on the correct usage of the techniques and operating system functions presented in these examples. The source and executable code of these examples may only be distributed in free electronic form, via bulletin board or as part of a fully non-commercial and freely redistributable diskette. Both the source and executable code (including comments) must be included, without modification, in any copy. These examples may not be published in printed form or distributed with any commercial product.
However, the programming techniques and support routines set forth in these examples may be used in the development of original executable software products for Commodore Amiga computers.
All other rights reserved.
These examples are provided "as-is" and are subject to change;
no warranties are made. All use is at your own risk.
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Writing OS-Friendly Games (by Chris Green & Spencer Shanson)


    timersoftint.c - timer.device example of a PA_SOFTINT port
    rbf/ - exec interrupt handler example, plus flush/get serial resource
    vertb/ - exec interrupt server example (vertical blank) (2020 08 09)

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